ICANN releases list of gTLD applications

ICANN releases list of gTLD applications: Personal favourites include:

  • .afl
  • .cancerresearch (umm, okay?)
  • .changiairport (for all your free WiFi needs)
  • .dog
  • .guardianmedia (and .guardian)
  • .hiv (just the association every brand wants)
  • .melbourne (like .sydney, one of few cities to apply)
  • .northwesternmutual (because everyone wants to type that instead of .com)

Looking through this list, it seems that some applicants have rather missed the point of the gTLD process.  Either that, or they’re drastically overestimating the need for defensive registrations.
Unsurprisingly, .cloud, .app, .news, and .movies were all hotly contested.  Enjoy your $185,000 application fee, suckers.