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Fivestar has extensive CCK support, which makes it so that the user is presented
with a widget to rate some node with the widget while editing a node. It does
not necessary rate the current node, nor does it rate anything if no value is
entered in the Node ID field when configuring the CCK field. The value is
saved in the node (so when you edit it it is still there), but no vote is
registered in VotingAPI without the Node ID field filled out.

An example of a situation where you might want to use the CCK fivestar field is
creating a node type called ‘review’. This review type would let users rate
some particular node, and accompany their rating with a review. This could be
combined with a standard rating on the target node, so that some users could
rate the target node using the simple method, or write a complete review to
accompany their rating.

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